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The Wadia a102 digital stereo amplifier provides 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms or 80 watts per channel at 4 ohms. It shares the same Series 1 mini industrial design as the di122 digital audio decoder, making it a perfect amp to use with the di122. With their modern aesthetic, both will blend nicely with virtually any room styling to offer a complete audio system solution.

With an electronic switching design, our new generation of amplifiers are able to deliver massive amounts of power directly to your speakers with very little energy wasted in heat dissipation. They do away with the necessity for large cooling fins or noisy fans often found in other high power amplifiers. The result is a greener, compact and energy efficient amplifier.

As with all Wadia digital amplifiers, the a102 produces exceptional sound quality and performance. It features Wadia's new Signal Surveyor™ technology. Signal Surveyor monitors the amplifier's output signal and stops amplification if unsafe levels of DC voltage are detected, thus protecting your speakers from potential damage.

Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are available for connecting your other system components. Specially designed 5-way binding posts will securely hold your speaker wire; they are designed for easy finger tightening and come with a special tool if even more snug connections are desired. A trigger input and output makes it simple to control the power state of your entire system when the a102 is turned on/off. 



Puissance de sortie :
50 watts into 8 ohm loads
80 watts into 4 ohm loads
Intermodulation distorsion :
0.1% maximum if instantaneous peak power
output does not exceed the rated output for
any combination of frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz
Impédance de charge de sortie : 8 ou 4 ohms Impédance d'entrée : 15K ohms Asym, et Sym,
Bande passante : 20Hz à 20kHz Gain Voltage : 29dB
Distorsion harmonique totale :
0.5% maximum harmonic distortion at any
level from 250 milliwatts to one-half of rated
 power output, 20Hz to 20kHz;
0.2% maximum harmonic distortion at any
level from one-half to full rated power
output, 20Hz to 20kHz
Facteur d'amortissement large bande :
> à  200, 8 ohm load / > à 100, 4 ohm load

Entrée Trigger : 5-15VDC, <1mA

Sortie Trigger : 12VDC, 50mA maximum,
delayed 0.2 seconds
Dynamique Headroom :
1 dB 8 ohm load
1,3 dB 4 ohm load
Dimensions :
Largeur : 25,4 cm / Hauteur : 8 cm, pieds inclus
Profondeur : 35,6 cm, pieds inclus
Réponse en fréquence :
+0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
+0, -3.0dB from 10Hz to 70kHz
Poids : 3,9 kg
Sensibilité d'entrée :
1,4 V Sym. / 0,7V Asym.

Documentation Produit :

a102 Brochure