The development process began by gathering the best of Amati Homage and Amati Anniversario: an aptitude reflected in the particular attention given to the choice of drivers and the following optimisation of their membrane composition. The next step was to take advantage of the most recent Sonus faber technology, both in terms of innovative loading systems and in terms of the newest filtering systems, arriving at the implementation of a differential distribution of the low frequencies.

The new and original nature of the design architecture forced to carry out a radical redesigning of the acoustic case that, while it defines itself in its structure and the distribution of volume, it takes advantage of innovative solutions linked to the combination of different materials, thus exalting the proverbial virtue of the violin shape.

The new project confirms and modernises another strong foundation of Sonus faber: a musical instrument lives within an environment and becomes part of it, carrying out the functions of both musical source and furnishing. The design choices, the finishes of the new materials, the enhanced quality of manufacture and the extreme attention to
every detail are equal to the sound output.
Amati futura aspires to be an expression of tomorrow.
A new standard made possible through the patented technical solutions gathered through the years that have brought us to the creation of Sonus faber flagship “the Sonus faber”.

Système : 3,5 voies, colonne à charge reflex avec évent para-apériodique

Réponse en fréquence : 25 Hz -30 Hz

Impédance nominale : 4 ohms

Sensibilité : 90 dB (2,83V/1)

Filtre : optimisé avec condensateurs Mundorf "Supreme", bobines Jantzen

Médium-Grave : 179 mm ultra dynamique et linéaire, bobine CCAW/Kapton, cône en fibre de cellulose non pressée, en chambre acoutisque optimisée

Woofers : 2 unités de 220 mm à cône en alliage alu/magnésium

Tweeter : 29 mm ultra dynamique avec découlage mécanique optimisé

Puissance conseillée : 30 ‐ 300W, without clipping

Dimensions HxLxP : 1160 x 405 x 635 mm

Poids : 111 kg Net, 145 kg emballé

Finition :Rouge, Graphite ou Noyer

Documentation Produit :

Amati Futura Borchure


Awards :

"Loudspeaker of the Year Aesthetics and Sound 2012" Soundstage! Network - USA

"Writers Choice Awards 2012" Postive Feedback (Robert Youman) - USA

Manuel d'utilisation :

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