Elipsa was created from a precise desire: to transfer the technological innovation and musical performance achieved by loudspeakers from the Homage collection, especially from the Stradivari, to a new project belonging to the Cremona line, thus making them available to a wider public.

The elliptical design of the cabinet enables the loudspeaker to obtain acoustic scenery with extraordinary breadth and depth, where the performers take on body and three-dimensional consistency. The careful choice of the drivers, especially in the midrange, developed in collaboration with our Scandinavian partners exclusively for Sonus faber, equipped with a wood fiber cone, is united with a network of crossovers that once again reflects our conviction relative to the “physiological” cut-off frequencies, capable of determining a convincing sound that does not create fatigue for the listener.
In a word, a “natural” sound.

Système : 3 voies, colonne

Réponse en fréquence : 35 Hz - 30 Hz, tuning ports included.

Impédance nominale : 4 ohms

Sensibilité : 91 dB (2,83V/1)

Médium : 150 mm cône Symmetric Drive Motor System

Woofers : 260 mm à cône en alliage alu/magnésium. Performance ultra dynamique et linéaire

Tweeter : 33 mm ultra dynamique linéaire

Puissance conseillée : 50 ‐ 300W, without clipping

Dimensions HxLxP : 1250 x 550 x 420 mm

Poids : 97 kg Net, 113,5 kg Emballé

Finition : Rouge et Graphite

Documentation Produit :

Elipsa Brochure