Système : Caisson de basse clos

Haut-Parleur : 1 x 320mm (12”) Membrane en Nid d'Abeille

Amplification : Class AB, 850 Watts RMS

Fréquence en réponse : From 25/35 Hz to Fc (user adjustable)

Commandes : Independent Master and LFE volume controls;
Continuously adjustable Crossover frequency (30 to 120Hz), slope 24dB/oct;
Signal phase inversion switch (0/180°)
Auto switch-on/off (deselectable)

Entrées Signal Audio : LFE (Low Frequency Effect), single phono plug;
Line level signal, single phono plug;
High level signals, Neutrik 4-pole Speakon©

Dimensions : 334 x 286 x 316 mm  Pieds Inclus

Poids : 32 Kg