Système : Closed box loading, two-driver, active subwoofer

Haut-Parleur : 2 x 320mm (12”) double coil 4+4ohm, very long throw, sandwich honeycomb cone, wide rubber surround woofer

Amplification : Class AB, 1800 Watts

Fréquence en réponse : 18 Hz (@ - 6dB, acoustic Linkwitz 4th order roll-on, EQ1 setting) to Fc (user continuously adjustable)

Commandes : Direct access Master volume; App control featuring: volume, continuously adjustable crossover frequency (40 to 150Hz), filtering slope 24dB/oct; continuously adjustable signal phase; parametric EQ (4 presets available), Delay (1 to 20 ms); auto eq; auto power on/off switch

Entrées Signal Audio : 2x Line level, left and right/LFE RCA phono plugs (unbalanced)
2x Line Level, left and right/LFE XLR plugs (balanced)
1x High level, Neutrik 4-pole Speakon©

Dimensions : 616 x 448,5 x 585,5 mm,  Pieds Inclus

Poids : 52 Kg