The new project confirms and modernizes another strong Sonus faber idea, of which the first Guarneri speaker was the earliest example: an acoustic instrument living in its environment becomes part of it, carrying out the functions of both a music source as well as being a beautiful piece of furniture.

The design choices, the finishes of the new materials, the increased quality of the craftsmanship and the extreme attention paid to every detail are, just like the sound produced, the enhanced expression of this concept and the most concrete testimony that Sonus faber everlasting values are not only deeply-rooted in the present, but also strengthened thanks to an evolution process.

Guarneri evolution expresses the renewal of continuity. An evolution made possible thanks to the combination of patented technical solutions that were developed through experience that brought Sonus faber to the production of its flagship “the Sonus faber”.

Système : 2 voies, enceinte sur pied dédié

Ebénisterie : multicouches en forme de luth, amortissement par mode contraint, structure exosquelette en avional

Réponse en fréquence : 40 Hz -30.000 Hz, Stealth reflex included

Impédance nominale : 4 ohms

Sensibilité : 86 dB (2,83V/1)

Filtre : non-résonnant à pente progressive, composants Mundorf et Jantzen, fréquence 2800 Hz

Médium-Grave : 179 mm ultra dynamique et linéaire

Tweeter : 29 mm ultra dynamique avec interface mécanique Sonus Faber optimisée

Puissance conseillée : 25 ‐ 200W, without clipping

Dimensions sans pied HxLxP : 410 x 235 x 412 mm

Poids sans pied : 37 kg Net

Dimension pied HxLxP : 795 x 320 x 423 mm

Poids avec pied : 72 kg Net, 86 kg Emballé

Finition : Rouge, Graphite ou Noir

Documentation Produit :

Guarneri Brochure

Adwards :

"Fedeltà del Suono Hi-Fi Awards Editor's Choice 2012" FdS - Italia

"Blue Moon Award 2012"

Manuel d'utilisation :

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