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Préamplificateur Référence 10


In 2010 we announced the Reference Anniversary preamplifier, a special limited edition product commemorating our 40th anniversary. It was acclaimed by many as the finest preamplifier available and a fitting tribute to all of the classic Audio Research products that were introduced during the forty years that preceded it. That we would only accept new orders for this special product during the anniversary year surprised almost everyone, but we considered the limited time frame appropriate. Since that time, we have learned a few things, and the result of that knowledge led to the development of the Reference 10. Included are critically chosen new components, proprietary custom-made capacitors, wiring, and new connectors that cumulatively provide a level of performance never before achieved. Key Audio Research design traits remain: The signal path is fully discrete, all-tube, pure Class-A, with zero feedback. Other attributes and choices remain, too: Each unit is completely hand-soldered and hand-constructed in our Minnesota facility using the finest materials, with major components such as custom transformers, plated-through circuit boards, and casework sourced locally. All engineering is performed in-house.

Réponse en fréquence :
+0 -3dB 0.1Hz à 200kHz au niveau de sortie. (Symétrique, 200k ohms load.)

Distorsion :
inférieur à .006% à la sortie symétrique 2VRMS

Gain :
Sortie principales (entrée Sym. ou Asym.) : 12dB sortie symétrique , 6dB sortie asymétrique.  Sortie sur bande : 0dB (Entrée Processeur : 0dB sortie symétrique).

Entrée Impédance :

120K ohms ohms symétrique, 60K ohms SE. Entrées (7): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, PROCESSEUR.  (connecteurs XLR et RCA ).

Sortie Impédance :
600 ohms symétrique, 300 ohms asymétrique principale (2), 20K ohms charge minimum et 2000pF capacité maximum. Sorties (3) : 2 principales, 1 bande (connecteurs KLR et RCA)

Sortie Polarité :

Entrée Maximum :
20V RMS Symétrique, 10V RMS Asymétrique

Niveau de Sortie :
2V RMS (1V RMS asymétrique) en 200K ohm symétrique load (la capacité de sortie symétrique maximum est de 30V RMS inférieur à 0,5% à 1kHz)

Crosstalk :
-80dB ou supérieur à 1kHz

Contrôles :

Volume (104 étapes), Sélection d'entrée. Boutons : Power, Muet, Ecran tactile intéractif. Entrée IR et contrôle RS-232 arrière

Alimentation :
Electronically regulated low and high voltage supplies. Automatic 40 sec. warm-up/brown-out mute. Line regulation better than .01%.

Bruit :
1.7uV RMS residual IHF weighted balanced equivalent input noise with volume at 1 (109dB below 2V RMS output.)

Tubes :
(8)-6H30P dual triodes, plus (2 each) 6550C and 6H30P in power supply.