Enceinte Sophia 3

Dave Wilson once observed that, when the original Sophia was launched in 2001, it was inevitably described in the audio press as Wilson Audio's "entry-level" floor-standing loudspeaker. While Sophia remains Wilson's most affordable floorstander, focusing on price obscures an important fact—which was that price was incidental to Sophia's actual design objective. What Dave and the Wilson design team set out to create was a loudspeaker that—unlike its siblings at the time, X-1 GrandSLAMM and WATT/ Puppy— was less demanding of rooms and electronics. Sophia was designed to be a product easy to drive, easy to own, and one that invited its owner to just relax into the enjoyment of music.

Nevertheless, Sophia's true magic is that a speaker designed to sound so good with modest electronics will still reveal the nuance and detail of state-of-the-art gear. Impressive sales aside, it is Sophia "cult status" among audiophiles which speaks to the success of the original vision. It is not uncommon for Wilson customers who could easily afford the company's more expensive loudspeakers to choose Sophia—just because they love the sound.



Sophia Série 3

Haut parleur de grave : 1 : 25.40 cm Aluminum Cone
Médium : 1 : 17.78 cm Cellulose/Paper Pulp
Tweeter : 1 : 2.54 cm Inverted Titanium Dome
Sensibilité : 87 dB @ 1 watt @ one meter @ 1 kHz
 Impédance Nominale : 4 ohms, 3.1 ohms minimum @ 98 Hz
Réponse en Fréquence : +/-3 dB 20 Hz - 22.5 kHz Room Average Response
Amplificateur Minimum : 25 watts per channel
Dimensions hors-tout : Hauteur : 104.45 cm sans pointes
Largeur : 34.61 cm
Profondeur : 48.12 cm
Poids du système : 74.84 kg
Poids total système avec emballage env. : 219.99 kg