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As Andrea Amati is considered the forefather of the violin making tradition of Cremona, since he gave the rules for techniques of construction, shapes and proportions of string instruments as we know them nowadays, Amati Tradition represents the synthesis of original concepts and architectural ideas.Flagship of Homage Tradition collection, Amati is the new reference floor standing loudspeaker in the Sonus faber catalogue, right after Il Cremonese, Lilium and Aida, from which inherits many technical solutions and patents.

Système : 3 voies, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex System” technology, horizontal loudspeaker system.
Tweeter : Sonus faber “Arrow Point” DAD (Damped Apex Dome, synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer) H28 XTR3-04. A Sonus faber designed 28 mm moving coil driver, with Sonus faber’s vibration optimized mechanical interface. The ultra dynamic linearity is given by the new Neodymium motor system,
Midrange : M15 XTR-08. Sonus faber designed 150 mm neodymium magnet system ultra dynamic linearity midrange.
Woofer : 2 x W18XTR-08. Sonus faber designed 180 mm lightweight “sandwich” cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers.
Crossover : Non-resonant design, optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. “Paracross topology”. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and friendly amplifier performance. Double staggered transfer function low frequency/room interface optimized filter. Highest quality is used in terms of the components: last generation Mundorf “Evo” Oil and Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors, Jantzen inductors.
Cross-over Points 250 Hz - 2500Hz.
Réponse en fréquence :  40 Hz – 35.000 Hz, Stealth reflex included.
Sensibilité :  89 db SPL (2.83V/1 m).
Impédance Nominale : 4 Ω
Sortie Puissance
Ampli suggéré :
50W– 350W, without clipping.
Tension entrée max
( IEC-268-5) :
20 V rms
Dimensions (mm) :  315 x 836 x 385
Poids/unité (kg) : 35